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HOBB is dedicated to helping homeowners resolve their construction defects, and exposing the use, abuse, and unfair tactics of binding arbitration in new home contracts., Neatly ordered living in a cage of wrought irony Behind HOA 'Irony' Gates, Texas Needs Home Lemon Law, Homebuilder to pay $11 M for Mortgage Scam, Former Whitestown-based builders charged with $1.2M in fraud, Connecticut Coalition Against Crumbling Basements, NBC Connecticut: "Crumbling Foundations" IRE, Binding Arbitration - Understanding and Reforming the Ripoff Clause, Behind HOA Iron Gates, Politics, Taxes, and Homeowner Rights, Worthless Connecticut Homes Crumble With Connecticut Foundations Crumbling, Your Home Is Now Worthless, Dinosaurs Make Board Members Grumpy, HOA Services Not Delivered, Special Report: HOA Bureaucrats Overstep Their Authority. Self-serving Politics of HOA Management Industry Influences HOA Community Board Members, Trump - NAHB Homebuilders Shoddy Construction and Forced Arbitration, ABC Special Report - New Homes - No Warranty, D.R. Horton In Defective Housing News Again

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